Prayer points:

We pray for all who are unwell or in hospital especially those we know. We pray for all facing surgical procedures in the next few weeks.
We remember those who have died and pray for their bereaved families, giving thanks for the lives of our friends.
We remember all affected by Covid and pray that all people show care for each other as restrictions are lifted.
We remember the people of South Africa as they experience violence and
We also pray for the people of Haiti living in fear after the assassination of their President.
We pray that our country will be a place of safety and welcome for all. We
pray for equality and inclusion as we celebrate our diverse society. We pray for all who experience abuse. May we see good overcome evil.
We remember all who will be adversely affected by our government’s decision to reduce the Overseas Aid budget. We pray for justice and fairness throughout our world and for all charities who rely on government aid.
We remember people in Belgium and Germany as they experience storms and flooding, affecting lives and property.

Faithful God,
when you call, may we respond;
when we falter, be our guide.
When you speak, may we hear;
when we question, be our wisdom.
When you ask, may we answer;
when we hesitate, be our resolve.
When you show, may we see;
when we disregard, be our conscience.
When you lead, may we follow;
when we stray, be our shepherd.
When you send, may we go;
when we fear, be our courage.
When you challenge, may we listen;
when we fail, be our rock.
When you give, may we receive;
and may we love, as you first loved us. Amen.

Paul Martin, Bolton and Rochdale District Chair

A Prayer during this time of Coronavirus

God of all hope we call on you today.
We pray for those who are living in fear:
Fear of illness, fear for loved ones, fear of other’s reactions to them.
May your Spirit give us a sense of calmness and peace.

We pray for your church in this time of uncertainty.
For those people who are worried about attending worship.
For those needing to make decisions in order to care for others.
For those who will feel more isolated by not being able to attend.
Grant us your wisdom.

Holy God, we remember that you have promised that nothing will separate us from your love – demonstrated to us in Jesus Christ.
Help us turn our eyes, hearts and minds to you. Amen